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The company Abmanan Biomedical Sdn Bhd (ABSB) is a family-based, a starter SME registered on 24 April 2014 and started operational on 1 June 2016. The company is producing Haruan’s extract as the main ingredient, a bioactive compound in every Haruan Biomedical Product (HBP). Abdull Manan Mat Jais (AMMJ) is Founder and Project Leader of the ABSB with core-business to manufacturing and commercializing HBP. All the products are for domestic, ASEAN, Regional and Global.  It is specifically targeting Halal global market. At the same time, the company will never stop continuing R & D to improving every aspect of production, safety, and efficacy.

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Haruan Extract

The extract, HM is the key outcome of a drug discovery R & D on Haruan Channa striatus carried out since 1985, by AMMJ, now a retired Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia.  This Haruan is a freshwater fish, indigenous species to Malaysia and an undisputed traditional medicine that induce quick-recovery after giving birth.

The HM is obtained from fillet (meat and skin) of Haruan Channa striatus through a proprietary SOP, a pressurized in-water extraction (PIWE) without using any toxic organic solvent.

It is to be listed in International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) and be made an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

Haruan Biomedical Product

After a successfully capturing, sustaining the important biochemistry of Haruan C striatus in HM, the company is subsequently moved a step further by formulating products, and it is termed as Haruan Biomedical Product (HBP).  In each of formulation is containing an effective physiological-dosage of the HM to exert biomedical properties.

It is justifying the main objective of the drug discovery R & D on Haruan to exploring and exploiting best of the fish to become or be made bio-wealth.  It is to rephrasing or reinstating the importance of C striatus as food, a good source of protein, and more so is highlighting biomedical properties of the fish, as an ethno-pharmacology; the basis to discovering potential and to develop products that leveraging or utilizing natural product medicinal value.

Each HBP is not just containing HM as the main ingredient but is a SIGNATURE.

Brand Name – Atoomann®

It is an official brand name for HBP containing HM, and the word ATOOMANN® is actually a combination of two Arabic words ‘ATOO’ or ‘عَطاء’ and ‘MANN’ or ‘مَنّ’ or ‘نما’. ATOO or ‘عَطاء’ literally meaning ‘a gift’ MANN or ‘مَنّ’; ‘نما’ literally meaning ‘a gift from God’, ‘gracious bestowal’ or ‘benefit or blessing’. As a word, ‘ATOOMANN’ is simply mean or can literally be translated as ‘A GIFT FROM GOD’.

At the same time, ATOOMANN is also a combination of two nicknames used by or given to Abdull Manan Mat Jais, the inventor and owner of the brand.  First of all, during his childhood, Abdull Manan could not pronounce the word Abdull properly, a faulty-pronunciation or speech-default or in the Malay language is referred or called ‘pelat’.  He used to referring himself as ‘ATOO’, where the nickname ‘ATOO’ was lasted until reaching teenage, and since then he was referred by members of the family as ‘MAN’.  This was transpired and the inspiration to choosing ATOOMANN as a brand-name to every HBP containing HM and to be manufactured by ABSB.

The brand ATOOMANN® and the logo are registered at MyIPO.  It is a trade-mark in Class 3 (cosmetic), 5 (medicine or pharmaceutical) and 29 (for global distribution).  The original logo is symbolizing family efforts to making this project a global success. The five young Haruans on top are representing five-children with a watchful eye of the two adult Haruans are AMMJ himself and his wife at the bottom. The five Haruans are in jumping-mood to explore, exploit, venturing, promoting and introducing this freshwater fish that is indigenous to Malaysia as future bio wealth.  The fish is having great potential and very promising to be made functional food and natural product active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).  The logo is highlighting HM as innovation and creation.

The new logo, is more descriptive of the activity of the company that is manufacturing HBP as natural product complimentary and to be developed as a pharmaceutical.

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