Abmanan Biomedical Sdn Bhd, or ABSB is a newly established family based company, registered on 24 April 2014 with MyCoID 1090705K.  The company is to proceed with R & D, and pursuing commercialization of the Haruan Biomedical Products (HBP). The company homepage is


Maintaining Iman by upholding Fitrah and observing every Syariah.  This is to endorsing Hidayah, sharing Nikmah and propagating the Syiar of Islam to the entire ummah as bestow upon us by Al-Quran and Hadith.


To inculcate a drug discovery Research and Development and Commercialization (R & D & C) of our very own heritage, a God Giving natural product Haruan Channa striatus, the indigenous freshwater fish species to Malaysia, as medicines, and turning it into a national bio-wealth.  In so doing, it is continuity to full-filling commandment of Islam in expending the teaching, prescribed Halalan-Toyyiban and practicing the sunnah in fulfillment of YA HANNAN YA MANNAN YA DZALJALALI WAL IKROM.


The company, ABSB is indeed an extension and continuity of the Haruan Research Group (HRG) which was established on 1 July 2007 that administering and managing day to day R & D activities of the project. Therefore, ABSB as a company is to commercialize every outcomes of the project that was started since 2 May 1985, underlying main objective of this drug discovery of Haruan C striatus to develop and produce HBP and medicines, by exploring and exploiting the medicinal value of Haruan.

This project is a knowledge based on a long standing national ethno-pharmacology, where Haruan C striatus is an oral remedy for wound healing, and a whole activity of the project is a combination of agriculture to farming Haruan as raw material, and laboratory analysis that also including formulation of products. It is a process in turning fresh Haruan into extract that is technically and commercially known as Haruan.Manan or H.M the main ingredient and bioactive in all product’s formulation.

All research works and production of products are strictly observing national as well as international regulatory. Collaborative works and in some cases outsourcing of the activities to much established relevant agencies are taken placed. It is to complimenting as well as comprehending the activities as an agro-pharmaceutical industry.


This agro-pharmaceutical industry is to specifically developing Haruan C striatus, a Malaysia’s very own natural product, and raw material in each product.  H.M is signature to the company, for it is the main ingredient, bioactive compound and therapeutic agent to specific health issues.

Therefore, the whole production lines, approach and concept is natural product, not a single chemical based drug.  It is Halalan-Toyyiban and non-steroidal; and minimizing usage of chemical additives.

Furthermore, each product is truly Malaysia’s for Haruan C striatus itself is indigenous, and  more than 60 % of the raw materials used are local.  As such, this enterprising is to produce as much of all raw materials required especially Haruan C striatus, to be self-sufficient.  The pre-harvest farming activities are therefore ensuring bio-safety, sustainability, consistency and feasibility of the industry that is based on a proprietary standard operating procedure (SOP) and a good agriculture practices (GAP).  Similarly, all the post-harvest processing, including extraction, formulation and manufacturing are all according to standardize protocols and good manufacturing practice (GMP).  Accordingly, all products are registered to relevant authorities.

The company in business planning is also involves in others aspect of health products, care and management, including food, clothing as well as medical devices.

Business Strategy

All distribution of products is on direct selling by authorized individual, agents and business partners. This is the business model and modus-operandi of the commercialization adopted in at least the first three years. A much comprehensive business planning will be established upon review after this strategic planning.

Gantt Chart & Milestones

This is our initial planning, and will be reviewed every six months to improvise and improve.

Atoomann™ Gantt Chart & Milestones