This is to give a simple idea of the prizing, based on present situation where production is on outsourcing to SIRIM Bhd and Technology Park Sdn Bhd. On top of that, almost all the packaging materials, the bottles, jars or container, including labeling, are done outside Malaysia.

The prizing listed in Table 8.1 below is based on actual spending include raw materials, chemicals, professional fees and packaging. This prizing is for direct selling, not including promotion, advertisement and distribution.

Pricing of Products

In later stage, once the products are upgraded to pharmaceutical the prizing will be viewed accordingly for extra cost incurred by manufacturing at an established Pharmaceutical GMP facilities, most likely in foreign country. The facility must uphold to US FDA and CE (European Commission). Few adjustments, especially the based material for cream is to be imported directly to reduce cost. Similarly packaging and labeling is to be outsourced to a cheaper reliable sources.