All distribution is to be made on direct selling, and is divided into four categories :

Abmanan Biomedical Sdn Bhd

Production and sales is directly managed by the company staffs as a one stop centre.

Appointed Individual

An appointed individual(s) will be authorized, given and sell the products, without any down payment. This individual(s) is given commission based on volume sold. A specific volume of product will be given based on performance. A percentage of 1 – 2 % per item(s) is negotiable, and each of them is to collect the goods on their own.

Independent Agent

An appointed agent(s) will be authorized, given and sell the products, with 40 % down payment on order. Another 40 % is on delivery, and another 20 % is paid together with the 40 % down payment on the next order. Each ordering is minimum 1,000 units, and the agent must come to collect the products on their own.

Business Partner

Company or individual(s) that is keen to become partner, is needed to invest at RM 500,000 to assist and cushioning all business expenses within the first 6 months, to entitle them to a whole-sale price of the good as in Table 8.1, without down payment to a total of 10,000 units. Good can either collected or send over by ABSB.

All the products are control items, and in whatever categories the individual(s) involves, each of them must signing an official Confidentiality Agreement (CA) and Memorandum of Action (MOA), with specific term and references. Each of the individual(s) or representative of a company must attend satisfactorily a 3 day workshop, to be certified and authorized to be distributor. Each of them is reliable to the product, an active team, and membership is renewable annually.

Accordingly, a simple scheme on prizing is formulated to comprehend and compliment effort made or contribution by each individual or group or company, or the business partner. This is just a proposal that is subjected to changes, and in Table 9.1 below is the suggested prizing tag. Incentive will be given, on negotiation basis to active and best performance by volume sale.

Product Distribution

This is not fixed, but subject to negotiation and in view to demand and business interests of both ABSB, as well as the distributors. Adjustment in a win-win situation and smart partners will be in placed.